Thursday, December 10, 2009

November 2009 Sydney Vegan Bake Sale

Yesterday we had our November bake sale and the last bake sale for this year. The markets were unusually quiet but that may have been due to the heat, it was such a hot day that by lunch time my cupcakes were covered in icing-soup!
I made gluten free cupcakes: banana split, cookies n cream, choc peanut butter, choc vanilla minis as well as gingerbread cookies.

Belinda made vanilla slice tarts, choc mint melty cookies, muffins, banana bread, choc brownies and lamington cupcakes that were snapped up really quickly.

Our first visitor was Leigh, she made lemon melting moments, gluten full and gluten free, before heading off to work at Naked Espresso where I went later for a yummo breakfast.

Shortly after Sarah dropped off a gluten free orange poppyseed cake.

Jim and his mates dropped by with lots of baked goods: peanut butter cookies, vanilla cupakes with cream cheeze-walnut icing and choc-espresso cookies.

Here's a look at the labels Belinda made so that you can easily see what each item is free from

Zarah donated some rum balls which according to one customer "were evil!". They then returned and bought another 3!

Mandie came to help out at the stall and bought with her some mini mocha cupcakes

And Mel also came to help out and bought oat spice cake-lets.

We packed up at 1.30pm as the heat was getting to be a bit much and the markets weren't buzzing like they usually are. We raised $409 for Brightside Farm Sanctuary.

Thank you to everyone who dropped by to make a purchase and for donating baked goods to the stall. A BIG thank you to Bel and Dave for setting up, running the stall and packing up and to Mandie and Mel for running the stall and packing up.

We'll be back in 2010 so keep checking our blog for updates.

Next Bake Sale:

Next Bake Sale:
June 25, 8am - 2pm, Newtown Markets, King St

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We're a group of Sydney vegans who hold bake sales to raise money for animal-related charities. We started by participating in the first Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale and then we realised what a great opportunity it is and have decided to continue our bake sales on a regular basis. Our stall is located at the Newtown Square Markets on King St Newtown, across the road from the train station, outside the Community Centre.